Olser helps you for all types of announcements, from birth to funeral.
Birth announcement, engagement announcement, wedding invitation, funeral announcements, honour ceremony or any other special occasion.

Birth announcement
Packages to choose from
Additions possible
First name cards
Coloured or fancy bows
Footprints or handprints cards

Christening, Bar mitzvah, Bat mitzvah and engagement announcement

Wedding announcement & invitation
We make the traditional invitations on Vellum paper and also on our “pure cotton” range, either with a fly card per family or both families on one fly card, on page 1 and 3.
The invitation message can also be on page 2 and 3.
Matching evening or lunch invitation cards can be done.
All ink colours are available.
We will take care of the folding.
Delivery usually takes 15 days.

Honour ceremony invitation
We make invitations for honour and medal ceremonies, for example Légion d’honneur, Mérite National, Arts et Lettres, Palmes académiques.

Funeral thank you note
After the loss of a loved one, we print thank you notes with or without handmade grey or black edges.
Custom wording and choice of fonts are possible.