Business cards

Business cards are the means of communication for personal or professional purposes. To have the best quality cards, all focus should be on the design and production.
There are 2 main sizes:
- The professional card in sizes 63 = 52 x 89mm or 55 = 55 x 95mm
- The private card in size 128x82mm
Business cards can be:
- Engraved by using a copper plate (or intaglio), after producing a draft with a pantograph, scoring on a copper plate is done either by hand, with an engraving tool, or with acids or chemicals, a method which is preferred in Anglo-Saxon countries. In both cases there is no depression on the reverse side of the card,
- Produced by thermography, which is a process that involves printing and while the ink is wet is heated in an oven and then cured to give a high quality raised image.
- Traditionally printed without any embossing on the reverse side.