Correspondence card

As its name states, this card is used to write a thank you note, an invitation or a “with compliments” slip.
It can be:
- Copper-platted engraved, sized 148 x 105mm, with no embossing on the reverse,
- Stamped like a letterhead with embossing on the reverse side,
- Printed with thermography it consists of printing and then put in an oven where a product will make the ink “rise”,
- Traditionally printed without any embossing on the reverse side.
The sizes are usually 155 x 110mm and 210 x 105mm, other sizes are available.

Special invitations
Birthdays, Holy Communion, Bar mitzvah, exhibition, launch parties, celebrations, wedding anniversaries.
Invitation cards are future proof with blank spaces to handwrite a note about the special occasion.
Invitation cards can be plain or with a flap, classic or unique.