Letterheads and continuation sheets

Letterhead paper should have the elegant image of its sender. Proper letterhead engraved or printed by thermography will stand out from one printed on your ordinary printer. It will be more prestigious and as it cannot be counterfeited or copied, it is more secure for all your important paperwork such as contracts, project documents.
Letterhead usually contains contact information and sometimes an image (logo, coat of arms amongst others). For professionals, the footnote should contain relevant legal information.
Continuation sheets are usually similar to the letterhead. Their similarity lies in the graphic image but toned down on the continuation sheet.

General specifications:

- Size of paper: A4 (210 x 297 mm) or US letter size,
- Type of paper: Laid or Vellum paper in 80grs or usually 100grs. 100grs pure cotton will be used for premium paper,
- Black or multi-colour printing.
The letterheads are compatible with office printers and photocopiers due to tailored processes using specific inks.